life groups

Everyone needs fellowship, and the encouragement and support of others.  The Life Groups at ROLF offer this kind of opportunity to connect and grow with others in our Christian journey.  We do this best when our fellowship is centered around the teachings of God's Word!  The Bible is our compass for living and offers the answers to all of life's issues.  Just as our physical body must have food to survive, our spiritual growth comes as we are nourished in God's Word.   Each LIfe Group has their own particular personality and approach to Bible study, but all strive to focus on learning more of His Word and growing in Christian maturity, as well as growing in friendships and fellowship with others.  We welcome and encourage you to become part of a Life Group at ROLF, meeting each Sunday at 9:15 a.m.  Check out the possibilities below for ages 4 to 100! 

  • the overcomers life group

    The Overcomers Class is one of our Adult Life Groups, which meets each Sunday morning in the Annex at 9:15am.  Deborah Baldridge is the teacher, and Mark McCoy serves as the substitute teacher.

  • The kingdom seekers life group

    The Kingdom Seekers Adult Life Group meets in the Annex on Sunday mornings at 9:15am.  Sherry and Bob Redding are the teachers. 

  • the bible basics life group

    The Bible Basics Life Group, another adult group, meets in the Sanctuary on Sunday mornings at 9:15am.  Rick Armer and Sandra Wiggins are the teachers of this class. 

  • H2O Youth

    The Life Group for our students,  ages 13 - 18, meets in the Annex at 9:15am each Sunday.

  • riverkids

    ROLF's children meet at 9:15am each Sunday morning in the annex for a fun-filled Bible teaching time.